How to begin a memoir is always a puzzle.  I have written a brief piece on this subject, which Patrick Ross has just posted on his blog, “The Artist’s Road: Creativity, Writing, and an Art Committed Life.”  Patrick is a wonderful writer, and his blog is packed with musings on the writer’s craft, and on how to live a life centered on creativity.  I am honored to be hosted on his rich and popular blog.

My piece on openings—meant to aid the struggling memoirist—begins:

To open.  To open a question. To open the curiosity.  To open the emotions.  To open up.   To open in. To  open out toward the world.

These are the basic purposes a writer may wish to achieve with the opening of a memoir.   Here are some other objectives a memoirist might keep in mind while creating an opening to his or her story:

-To strike a keynote.

-To “hang the guns on the wall” for the story.

-To set a course…

For more, please go to Patrick’s February 28th blog entry: